SILVIA SANCHEZ is FREE!!!! She has been granted parole! Thank you everyone for your prayers and positive thoughts. This is truly one of the best days of my life. When I think back on this journey that started twenty years ago at a steel table at Central Juvenile Hall, when I met Silvia for theContinue reading “FREE AT LAST!”


Happy Birthday to my dad who passed away over a year ago. My mom passed away last October. One memory that really sums up my dad: we were about to get off a ferry somewhere in Norway (I was a kid) and everyone was pressing towards an exit that wasn’t open but with the zombieContinue reading “AGAINST THE TIDE”

Chateau d’Echandens, my childhood home above Lake Geneva

Into the World is my childhood memoir of our traveling adventures during the turbulent 1960’s and it was inspiring to visit the 17th century castle I lived in as a child in the village of Echandens, above Lake Geneva. Wow, it wasn’t a dream! I really did live here and attend the village school with my sister andContinue reading “Chateau d’Echandens, my childhood home above Lake Geneva”