Understanding the Key of Mystery and the Secrets to the Origins of Life

Originally posted on NIGHT ANGELS CHRONICLES by KH Mezek :
“So far you have battles shadows. Those forces will grow stronger. And so shall you.” ~ The Medicine Woman Sevenhawks, speaking to Sera within the Cave of Secrets WHAT IS THE KEY OF MYSTERY? It is impossible for any finite being to fully comprehend the Key of…


My World Project                    New Millennium Writings When I was awarded the New Millennium Writings Nonfiction Award for Reflections from Istanbul, an excerpt from my childhood memoir INTO THE WORLD, I was asked to write an introduction, something about my motivation and approach to writing. I recently received the print edition of the anthology and I re-readContinue reading “INTO THE WORLD”

A Beautiful Journey and Remembering Casey Cohen

I have never, quite honestly, cared much about money or possessions or having a permanent home. My books, however, have been with me for over thirty years, a few more than fifty. These Eskrima sticks have been with me close to twenty years. Other sticks have come and gone. But these I have wrapped andContinue reading “A Beautiful Journey and Remembering Casey Cohen”